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A 'suite' of sweet name puns!

We have a number of sites devoted to puns, and name puns in particular.

Our first site. It contains an alphabetized list of well over 1,000 name puns. We have broken them down by letter to make it manageable. We have many of the classics, such as Mike Hunt, as well as quite a few that are our own. Please enjoy all the pun names we have, it should provide hours of 'pun fun' for you.

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is our second. It contains hundreds of book titles with humorous name pun authors. I've taken many of our name puns and some others, and created name pun author jokes where the title of the book relates to the author's name in a humorous way. These are alphabetized by title.

Book Puns Links


  • Hyphenated married names: Just like the 'funny wedding announcement' puns we saw on the late night shows, these are randomly generated name puns that take REAL names and combine them for humorous name pun wedding announcements.

name pun generator

  • Porn name generator: This generates Porn Star name pun humor. Suggestive name puns for name pun acting names with hundreds of possibilities.

funny Chinese names
this generates humorous name puns with Chinese names. Politically correct? Probably not. Funny? Definitely!

  • Common last names: This page lists many last names used in the hyphenated married name generator. Many names have 'dedicated' married name pun generators for that name. Some examples: Johnson, Coxe, Long, Little.


is one of our shirt and gift design sites. You can buy products or just enjoy all the puns.


I will be working on some name pun photos. Here is my first:

Name Pun Stephen Hawking

One more...
name puns Lucy

I call this next one "Lost in the 60's". Younger viewers might not get it!
Name Pun Lost in the 60s

name puns

name puns Prince Rainier

If you like those please link to me. Thanks. I will create more from my warped sense of humor if I see interest.

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