Name Puns- C

Beginning with the letter C

C. Howlett Fields

C. Senor

Cal Kewlator

Cal Efornia

Cal Lacopp

Cal Varee

Caldwell Ahead

Candee Graham

Candice B. DePlace

Candice B. Fureal

Candice B. Love

Candice E. Ombisi
Candice Waite

Candy Barre

Candy Liver

Carl Arm

Carl Breakdown

Carla Spadeaspade

Carlotta Tendant

Carrie A. Tune

Carrie A. Burton

Carrie Dababie

Carrie Alda-Waite

Carrie DeKoffin

Carrie Mehome

Carrie Mia Weigh

Carrie Oakie

Cary DeBaggs

Casey Deeya

Casey Needzit

Casey Scruzup

Cassidy Ballot

Celia Fate

Chad Tabbocks

Cheri Pitts

Chester Dross

Here are some more humorous name puns

Chester Gigolo

Chi Spurger

Chris Cross

Chris Mistry

Chris P. Bacon

Claire Annette

Claire DeAir

Claire Enpressant-Danger

Clara Net

Clara Sabell

Clara Sill

Claude Bawls

Claude N. Skretchem

Cliff Dweller

Clint Taurus

Cody Pendant

Cole Kutz

Cole Slaw

Colette A. Day

Colin Allcars

Colin Ambulance

Colin DaFuzz

Colin D. Cops

Colin Zick
Colin Toksho

Colin Tesayhi

Colin U. Hupp

Colleen Carde

Connie Lingis

Constance Noren

Constance Truggle

Constance Waring

Cora D'Apple

Cosmo Knott

Count DeBeans

Cottin Annette

Count Hoff

Craven Moorehead

Crystal Shandra Lear

Cuba Sugar

Curt Enrod

Curt Sanwhey

Curt Zee

Curtis E. Counts

Cy Burns

Cy Kosis

Cy Lance

Cy Lance Ondasset

Cy Q. Haupt

Cy Yanarra

Cynthia Fathers