Name Puns- P

Beginning with the letter P

P. Anne O'Recital

P. Brain

P. Eve Doff

Paige Turner

Pam Perdbrat

Papa Bona

Papa Woody Quick

Parker Carr

Pastor Rolles

Pastor Physical

Pastor Prime

Pat D. Butz
Pat Medown

Pat McHock

Patty Cake

Patty Meltt

Patty O'Furniture

Patty Wagon

Paul Berra

Paul D. Plugg

Paul E. Esther

Paulie O'Vaccine

Payne N. Suffring

Pearl E. Gates

Pearl E. White

Penn E. Traishen

Penn Silpusher

Penny Candee

Penny Less

Penny Loafers

Penny Wise

Pepe Roni

Perl E. Gates

Perry Mettick

Perry Noid

Perry Stroika

Here are some more humorous name puns

Pete E. Attrition

Pete Sahut

Pete Saparla

Pete Zerria

Peter Abbott

Peter Andy Wolfe

Peter Pantz

Phil A. Delphia

Phil A. Meanyawn

Phil Anderer

Phil Atio

Phil D Tubb

Phil DeGrave

   Phil Dove Dreemz

Phil Harmonic

Phil Herrup

Phil Lately

Phil Likesheet

Phil McCrackin

Phil McCrackup

Phil Mypockets

Phil Outaform

Phil N. Thropic

Phil Hossovy

Phil S. Stein

Phil Yercaffity

Phil Len Goode
Phil Len Herrup

Phillip D. Glass

Phillip McCavity

Phillip McRevice

Phylis Formout

Phylis Officle

Phylis Teen

Pierce Deere

Paula Ricecap

Polly Esther Pantz

Polly Hester

Polly Wanda Cracker

Porter Rico

Preston Klenenfold